Virtual Farming

Kick back, relax and earn money farming
from your mobile phone.


Why become a Virtual Farmer


Source of Additional Income 

Gives you an additional source of risk free income

Time Constraints

Time constraints make it challenging to manage a physical farm

Lack Skill

You lack the farming skills to profitably run a farming business


Capital is backed by insurance

Guaranteed Market 

We already have buyers waiting in the wings.

Experienced Management

There is always the best working to ensure you succeed

Job Creation

Our goal is to empower other farmers and create jobs along the entire value chain

How to be a Virtual Farmer

Select the Farm

Select the farm you would like to invest in from a profile of available farms

Determine how much you want to invest

Make use of the calculator to determine how much you would be willing to invest, interest and the period to harvest.

Choose how you want to harvest your produce

You could choose to either take your produce or have it sold at harvest.

Farming with us gives you options
How we handle your produce at harvest
Cost Savings
Collect your produce
  • Your produce is delivered at harvest
  • Total weight of final harvest is guaranteed 
  • Harvest period between 4-6 months



Sell Wholesale
  • At harvest we sell your produce and return capital with interest
  • Harvest period between 4-6 months 
Become a Virtual Farmer
We are launching soon.
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